All regular FIBA rules are applicable to this format unless specifically stated hereunder. Regulation size 7 basketballs will be used for both Women’s and Men’s basketball matches.

  • Team Formation
    • Each team can have a maximum number of 12 players, provided they have a minimum of 5 players.
  • Match Officials
    • For each match, there will be 2 referees and a minimum of 2 officials at the table (1 timekeeper and 1 scorekeeper).
    • Officials at the table would either be Organizing Committee members or the other referees.
    • No other team member except the Captain or the Coach is allowed to approach the table when the game is in progress. The Captain and Coach too are allowed near the table only in the case of dead ball situations.
  • Beginning of the Game
    • Both teams shall report to the table at least 20 minutes prior to the match.
    • The teams can warm-up on the spare court next to the venue.
    • Failure to report to the court on time with at least 5 players shall result in forfeiture of the match in the opponents’ favour (Organizing Committee’s discretion).
  • Playing Time
    • Regular playing time shall consist of 4 quarters of 10 minutes each. The clock shall be stopped during dead-ball situations and free-throws. The clock shall start again as soon as the ball is in the hands of the offensive team.
    • In case of a potential overtime, there will be an additional playing period of 5 minutes which shall start 1 minute after regular play stops. The clock will not stop during dead ball situations but will stop during free-throws. The team with the higher score at the end of overtime shall be proclaimed the winner of the contest.
  • Stalling
    • 24 second shot clock is applicable. The referees shall inform the teams during the last 10 seconds in order to avoid a violation by the teams.
  • How the ball is played
    • The ball shall always be checked with the referee in case of any dead ball situation.
    • A player is considered to be “behind the arc” when neither of his feet are inside or on the 3-point arc.
  • Substitutions
    • Substitutions are allowed by teams during dead ball situations.
  • Time-outs
    • Each team is entitled to 2 time outs in the first half and 3 time outs in the second half. Each time out shall have a duration of 60 seconds.
    • An additional 30 second timeout shall be available to each team in the case of a potential overtime.
  • Technical Fouls
    • Foul language and fighting during the course of play shall not be tolerated. Technical fouls shall be awarded for the same.
    • A player who commits 2 technical fouls shall be ejected from the match immediately. It is also notified that the referee may debar the player from future matches depending on the severity of the foul committed.
    • Technical fouls shall not be counted as personal fouls.

The referees’ decision shall be final in case of any conflict and no arguments with the referees or the match officials shall be entertained.


Club Head: Manu Kharra, contact him at (+91) 8511602631 or