General rules

Each league game will be of “best of 3 boards”, each semi-final will be a “game of 15 points” and the Finale will be a “game of 25 points”. The Queen carries 3 points and others carry 1 point each.

  1. All the games will be in the format of “black and white”.
  2. Thumbing is not allowed in any format of the game.
  3. Once the coin/ coins fly out of the board it has to be placed at the centre by the referee. If any coin is residing at the centre already then it has to be displaced by the referee carefully.
  4. Once foul is committed the opponents has the discretion to place the fouled coin within the circle at any place but not by disturbing any other coin. If he disturbs then it will have a penalty of single foul.
  5. While handing over the striker players are cautioned to do it carefully without disturbing the coins. If he fails to do the same a single foul can be taken from his with the discretion of the opponents.
  6. Century board- if the opponents clear their board before a single coin been pocketed by the player it will make the opponent win the whole game of carom even without playing the next games.
  7. You cannot pocket the Queen before pocketing one of your own coins.
  8. In any kind of disputes, the decision of the club head and the Sports Committee will be final and binding.
  9. Any other general rules as per the All India Carrom Federation norms will be followed.

FOULS (fouls will be carried over to next hand if it cannot be paid in that hand only)

  1. Pocketing the striker alone will have a foul of single coin.
  2. Pocketing the striker with the coin has two consequences.
    ○ If you want to retain hand then you have to give foul of two coins.
    ○ If you do not want to retain hand, then you have to pay the foul with a single coin.
  3. Arrow fouls- A player cannot touch the coins directly if that coin is lying on any of the two arrows on his side.
  4. Touching opponents coins without disturbing any of your own coins will have a penalty of one foul.
  5. Touching the last coin directly will have a penalty of single foul.
  6. Stopping/ diverting/ disturbing the moving striker will have a penalty of single foul.
  7. Disturbing the coins at the time of launching the striker by fingers will have a penalty of single foul. (Discretion of referee shall be final)
  8. Pocketing any of the last coins by any of the players playing in the match without pocketing the queen will make the opponents victorious.
  9. Not touching the baselines by your striker while launching it will have a penalty of single foul.
  10. Half/ partial circle play will have a penalty of single foul.
  11. If the striker is pocketed along with the Queen then the hand continues for the same player and foul will be collected only after the cover shot. If the cover shot pockets any of the relevant coins of the player then it will be taken as if the Queen is pocketed finally.


Carrom Head: Nikhil Agrawal, contact him at (+91) 9586181091 or