All matches will be played according to the World Chess Federation (FIDE) rules.

  1. The time Control for the tournament shall be 45 minutes without increment.
  2. The format of the tournament shall be decided upon the number of entries.
  3. In case of a draw, a Blitz match will be held.
  4. Walkover would be given to the player if his/her opponent does not turn up in 15 minutes after the round has started.
  5. Mobile or any other electronic gadget is not permitted inside the tournament hall.
  6. A player can be disqualified if his/her conduct in the tournament hall is not found satisfactory.
  7. In case of any dispute during the game the decision of the arbiter is to be considered final.
  8. After the game, if any player wishes to raise objections to the game concluded must do so within 20 minutes of the conclusion of that game.


Chess head: Pritul Nagori, contact him at (+91) 8561078012 or