1. Lobbies: The strips on both the sides of the playfield are known as the Lobbies. When the lobbies, as per rule 4 under ‘Rules of Play’ are included in the playfield, the boundaries of the play-field are extended up to the four lines, which enclose the play-field including the lobbies.
  2. Mid Line The line that divides the play field into two halves is known as the mid-line.
  3. Baulk Line: Each of the lines in court parallel to the midline, drawn between the baulk line and the bonus line, is known as baulk line.
  4. Bonus Line The line parallel to Baulk line towards end line is known as Bonus line.
  5. Chant: The repeated, without break; at a stretch and clear aloud sounding of the approved word “KABADDI” within the course of one respiration shall be called ‘Chant’.
  6. Struggle: When the anti or antis come into contact with the raider, it is called struggle. After touch or struggle the play field includes the lobbies.
  7. Pursuit: When an anti rushes into the opponent’s court with cant and without breach of rules chasing the returning raider with a view to touch, it is called pursuit.


  1. The team that wins the toss shall have the choice of the court or the raid and the team that loses the toss shall have the remaining In the second half, the court shall be changed and the team, which did not opt for raid shall send their raider first. The game in the second half shall continue with the same number of players, as it was at the end of the first half.
  2. Each raid shall last for a maximum of 30 Seconds. A raid is successful only when the raider crosses the Baulk line of the defending team at least once during the course of a raid and reaches his court with chant.
    In case the Raider touches an anti, or an anti touches the raider during the raid, the raider need not cross the Baulk line but must reach his court with the chant.
    The Baulk line is said to be crossed when any part of the body of the raider is in contact with the ground between the Baulk line and the End line of the opponent’s court. At the same time, any part of the raider’s body should not have contact with the ground between the Midline and the Baulk line.
  3. A player shall be out if any part of his body touches the ground outside the boundary but during the struggle a player shall not be out if any part of his body touches the ground outside the boundary by keeping contact of the playfield. The portion of contact must be inside the boundary.
  4. When the struggle begins, the ‘play field’ includes the lobbies. During the struggle and after the struggle in the same raid, the players involved in the struggle can use the lobbies to enter their respective courts. This rule will only be applicable in the anti’s
  5. A raider shall continue to chant “KABADDI” as the approved chant. If he is not keeping the properly approved chant in the opponent’s court, he shall be ordered back and the opponent will be given one technical point and chance to raid. Under such circumstances, he shall not be persued.
  6. A raider must start his chant before he touches the opponent’s If he starts the chant late, he shall be ordered back by the Umpire or Referee and the opponent will be given one technical point & a chance to raid.
  7. Not more than one raider shall enter the opponent’s court at a time. If more than one raider enters the opponent’s court at a time, the Umpire or Referee shall order all to go back to their court and a technical point will be awarded to the opponent and a chance to raid.
  8. After a raider has reached his court or is put out in the opponent’s court, the opponents shall send their raider within 5 seconds. Thus alternately each side shall send their raider until the end of the game. In case the raider fails to start his raid within 5 seconds the team loses its chance to raid and the opponent team gets a technical point.
  9. If a raider, who is caught by the anti or antis, escapes from their attempt to hold and reaches his court safely he shall not be pursued, but if a raider touches the anti or antis and reaches back to his court safely he may be pursued.
  10. If a raider, while in the opponent’s court loses his chant, he shall be out.
  11. When a raider is held, the antis shall not try deliberately to stifle his chant by shutting his mouth, using violent tackling leading to injuries, any type of scissoring or use of any unfair means. If such incident happens, the Umpire or Referee shall declare the raider NOT OUT and punish the offending players as he/she deems fit.
  12. During the course of raid none of the antis shall touch the raider’s court until completion of the raid. In case any anti or antis touches the raider’s court before completion of the raid they will be declared out and the opponent team will be given that many points.
  13. If an anti or antis who are out, having violated Rule No.12, holds a raider or have violated the said rule while holding or helping to hold the raider, the raider shall be declared NOT OUT and the anti or antis who touches the raider’s court shall be declared OUT.
  14. When a team manages to put out the entire opponent team and none of the opponents are entitled to be revived, then that team scores a LONA and two extra points for LONA shall be awarded in addition to the points scored by the team putting out all the players of the opponent. The play continues and all the players who are out shall enter in their court within 10 seconds. Otherwise, the referee or umpire shall award one technical point to the opponent. If the team fails to enter within one minute, the team shall be scratched from the match and the match shall be awarded to the opponent.
  15. A raider or an anti is not to be held by any part of his body deliberately other than his limb or trunk. The one who violates the rule shall be declared OUT. If the raider is held deliberately other than his limb or trunk, the Umpire or Referee shall declare such raider NOT OUT. If a raider is caught by his clothes or hair the raider shall be declared NOT OUT and the anti or antis who have violated the Rule shall be declared OUT.
  16. When one or two players of a team are left during the game and the Captain of the team declares them out in order to bring in the full team, the opponent shall score as many points as the players that existed in the court at the time of declaration as well as two extra points for LONA.
  17. A Player or players who are out shall be revived in the same order as they were out when one or more opponents are out.


  • Each team shall consist of minimum 7 and maximum 12 Players. 7 Players shall take the ground at a time and the remaining players are substitutes.
  • A player must not be of weight more than 80 kgs. No such weight limit applies to girls.
  • The duration of the time of the match shall be two halves of 15 minutes. In Semifinal and Final matches, the halves would be of 20 minutes. The teams will change court after The number of players for each team at the start of second half shall remain the same as it was at the end of first half.
    NOTE: The last raid of each half of the match shall be allowed to be completed even after completion of the scheduled time as mentioned above.
  • Each team shall score one point for every opponent out or put out. The side, which scores a LONA, shall score two extra points. The out and revival rule will be applicable.

Time Out

  • Each Team shall be allowed to take Two “Time Outs” of 30 Seconds each in each half; such time-out shall be called for by the Captain, Coach or any playing member of the team with the permission of the Referee. The time-out time shall be added to match time.
  • The Time-Out time will not be included in the March time.
  • During the time-out the teams shall not leave the ground, any violation in this; a technical point shall be awarded to the opponent
  • Official Time-out can be called for by the Referee Umpire in the event of any injury to a player, interruption by outsiders, re-lining of the ground or any such unforeseen circumstances. Such time-out time will be added to the match time.
  • Five Reserve Players can be substituted with the permission of Referee during time-out or interval. Substituted Players can be re-substituted. If any player is suspended or disqualified from the match, no substitution is allowed for that particular player. The team will play with a lesser number of players. No substitution is allowed during the official time-out. Substitution is not allowed for out players.

Bonus Point

  • One point shall be awarded to the raider when he crosses the bonus If the raider after crossing the bonus line is caught, the opponent team will also be awarded one point.
  • Raider is said to have crossed the Bonus line when he comes into contact with the ground between the End line and Bonus line. At the same time, any part of his body should not have contact with the ground between the Midline and Bonus line.
  • The Bonus line will be applicable when there are minimum 6 players in the court; the Referee/Umpire shall award the bonus point after completion of such raid by showing thumb upwards towards the side which scores.
  • If the raider while crossing the bonus line is caught then a point will be awarded to the defending team & No Bonus point shall be given.
  • The raider after crossing the bonus line if he puts out one or more antis, he will get the number of points scored in addition to the bonus point for crossing the bonus line.
  • The raider has to cross the bonus line to score the bonus point before touching the anti / antis or before he is caught by the anti/antis. The raider will not be awarded bonus point if he crosses the bonus line after a touch/struggle.
  • There shall be no revival for a bonus point.
  • If player/players are suspended temporarily or disqualified from the match, then the team will play with less number of players. Such players shall be counted to award Bonus point.
  • The team, which scores the highest number of points at the end of the match, shall be declared the winner.
  • The team that wins the match will score two league points and the loser will score zero points. In case of a Tie, both the sides will score one league point each.
  • Nails of the players must be closely clipped and no ornaments of any sort shall be allowed.
  • Application of oils or any other soft substances to the body shall not be allowed and will lead to disqualification of the player(s) found guilty.

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