1. Only sportswear and non-marking tennis shoes are permitted.
  2. Teams must report to the court 30 minutes before their scheduled time. Arriving 15 minutes after their scheduled time will result in a walkover.
  3. The team event is a round-robin format, the top two teams will go against each other in the finals.
  4. The singles event is an elimination format. Only one player from each college will be allowed to participate.
  5. In a round, there will be three matches consisting of two singles and doubles. The sequence of these matches will be decided before the round starts.
  6. If a team wins the first two matches, then the third match will not be played. In the event of a tie, the third match will be the decider match.
  7. Each match (singles and doubles) will be best-of-nine-games for girls and best-of-eleven-games for boys.
  8. Food and gum are not permitted on the court.

Club Head: Malav Shah, contact him at (+91) 9537940141 or