1. Each team shall consist of maximum 12 players and minimum 7 players.
  2. Matches will be 7 players a side.
  3. Service only from the right-hand corner, outside the court and over-arm is permitted.
  4. Service must take place within 5 seconds of the whistle of the referee and not anytime before or after. A default will result in loss of point to the team.
  5. The server is not allowed to touch the line during service and is allowed to enter the court only after the ball has crossed the net. A default will result in loss of point to the team.
  6. Net touch during service is not allowed. However, net touch during rally is allowed.
  7. Rotation is compulsory and will be immediately after the service has been broken. Z rotation will be followed.
  8. In case of improper rotation, one warning will be given by the referee. A second offence will result in loss of point.
  9. Double touch, shifting and fumbling of the ball is not allowed.
  10. The person catching has 3 seconds to throw the ball, failure of this will lead to loss of one point.
  11. Carrying or pushing the ball while throwing is a not allowed.
  12. If a player touches the ball but is unable to catch it, another player of the team is allowed to catch it. This is only allowed up to 2 players.
  13. If the ball is caught on the left side, it is to be thrown by the left hand and if caught on the right side it is to be thrown from the right side. Centre catching is foul at all times. Players cannot turn 360 degrees to throw the ball.
  14. Jumping when catching the ball is not allowed. However, spot jumping is allowed while throwing the ball.
  15. No step can be taken after the ball has been caught. However, the player can move after the throw but before the ball is caught.
  16. The player cannot step into the dead zone to catch the ball and neither can she throw the ball in the dead zone. A default will result in loss of point to the team.
  17. Two timeouts per set per team are allowed and each of 30 seconds.
  18. Two substitutions are permitted per set. No substitutions are allowed on the service line.
  19. League matches will be for 21-21-15 and finals will be for 21-21-21-21-15.
  20. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Sports Committee shall be final and binding.


Throwball head: Anusha Mahesh, contact her at (+91) 8019992401 or