1st FEB | Fixtures & Results

* The fixtures may change. The Organising Committee will contact the concerned team in a case of any change in the fixtures.


S. No. Matches Time Results
1. Tribhuvan v/s NIFT Men 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM NIFT defeated Tribhuvan by 2-0.
2. GNLU-B v/s GEC GNLU-B defeated GEC by 2-1.
3. GNLU-A v/s Winner of (1) GNLU-A defeated NIFT by 2-1.
4. PDPU v/s GU Match postponed.
5. KSV v/s Winner of (2) GNLU-B defeated KSV by 2-1.
6. GNLU-A v/s GEC Women GNLU-A won against GEC. (Match forfeited by GEC.)
7. GNLU-B v/s NIFT Match postponed.
8. GNLU-A v/s NIFT Mixed Team Match postponed.
9. PDPU v/s GU GU defeated PDPU by 3-0.
10. GNLU-A v/s NIFT Mixed Doubles Match postponed.

* The order of the matches may vary and the same will be communicated by the Badminton Club.


Time Matches Boys/Girls Results
5.00 PM PDPU v/s Charusat Girls PDPU defeated Charusat by 30-11.
6.00 PM NIFT-Gandhinagar v/s XAVIERS Girls XAVIERS defeated NIFT-G by 26-11.
7.00 PM IIT-G v/s NIRMA Girls NIRMA defeated IIT-G by 35-22.
8.00 PM GNLU v/s SVBIT Boys GNLU defeated SVBIT by 21-18.
9.00 PM GNLU v/s Ahmedabad Uni. Girls GNLU gets a walkover.
10.00 PM LJ v/s Charusat Boys LJ defeated Charusat by 29-14.
11.00 PM NIRMA v/s IIT-G Boys Nirma defeated IIT-G by 35-22.
12.00 AM NIFT-Gandhinagar v/s IIT-RAM Boys NIFT-G gets a walkover.


S. No. Matches Time Result
1. Tribhuvan v/s GLS [Men] 8.30 AM – 11.00 AM GLS defeated Tribhuvan by 82 runs.
2. IIT-RAM v/s Karnavati University [Men] 11.30 AM – 2.00 PM Karnavati University defeated IIT-RAM by 52 runs.
3. Charusat v/s LDCE [Men] 3.00 AM – 7.00 PM LDCE defeated Charusat by 58 runs.
4. Nirma v/s IIT-G [Men] 7.30 PM – 11.00 PM Nirma defeated IIT-G by 7 wickets.


S. No. Matches Time Boys/Girls Results
1. United World v/s SVBIT (Qualifier 5) 8 AM Boys United World defeated SVBIT on penalties.
2. DAIICT v/s INDUS (Qualifier 1) 9 AM Boys Indus defeated DAIICT by 1-0.
3. GNLU v/s Charusat 10 AM Boys GNLU defeated Charusat by 1-0.
4. NID v/s IIIT-V (Qualifier 2) 11 AM Boys IIIT-V defeated NID by 4-2 on penalties.
5. Nirma v/s SVNIT (Qualifier 4) 12 PM Boys Nirma University defeated SVNIT by 2-0.
6. GLS v/s IIT-RAM (Qualifier 3) 1 PM Boys GLS defeated IIT-RAM by 1-0.
7. Qualifier 1 (Indus) v/s Qualifier 2 (IIIT-V) 3 PM Boys Indus defeated IIIT-V by 2-0.
8. SAL v/s ICFAI 4 PM Boys SAL defeated ICFAI by 3-1.
9. ILNU v/s Qualifier 4 (Nirma) 5 PM Boys NIRMA defeats ILNU by 3-1.
10. IIT-G v/s Charusat 6 PM Boys IIT-G defeated Charusat by 2-0.
11. PDPU v/s Tribhuvan 7 PM Boys PDPU defeated Tribhuvan by 7-0.
12. GNLU v/s Qualifier 5 (United) 9 PM Boys GNLU defeated United by 2-0.
13. ICFAI v/s Qualifier 3 (GLS) 10 PM Boys ICFAI got a walkover. (3-0)
14. SAL v/s Ahmd. Uni. 11 PM Boys Match Drawn. (0-0)


S. No Time Matches Boys/Girls Results
1. 6 PM IIT RAM v/s AHMEDABAD UNIVERSITY Boys Ahmedabad University defeated IIT RAM by 2-0.
2. 7 PM DA-IICT v/s CHARUSAT Boys CHARUSAT defeats DA-IICT by 2-0.
3. 8 PM IIT E v/s PDPU Girls PDPU defeats IIT E by 2-0.
4. 9 PM AHMEDABAD UNIVERSITY v/s SAL Girls Ahmedabad University gets a walkover.
5. 10 PM SAL v/s NIFT Boys SAL gets a walkover.


Time Matches Boys/Girls Results
4 PM GNLU-B v/s SVBIT Boys GNLU-B defeated SBVIT by 3-1.
4 PM United v/s IIIT-V Boys United defeated IIIT-V by 3-0.
7 PM PDPU v/s Nirma Boys NIRMA defeated PDPU by 3-0.
8:15 PM INDUS v/s Nirma Boys NIRMA defeated INDUS by 3-0.
8:15 PM IIT-G v/s IIIT-V Boys IIT-G got a walkover.
10:00 PM Tribhuvan v/s GNLU-A Boys GNLU-A defeated Tribhuvan by 3-0.


Time Matches Boys/Girls Results
10 AM Nirma v/s IIT-G (individuals) Boys Nirma gets a walkover.
3 PM Nirma v/s PDPU (team) Boys NIRMA defeated PDPU by 2-0.
4 PM GNLU v/s IIT-G (team) Boys GNLU defeats IIT-G by 2-0.
6 PM Xaviers v/s ICFAI (individuals) Boys ICFAI gets a walkover.
7 PM PDPU v/s ICFAI (team) Boys PDPU defeats ICFAI by 2-0.