4th FEB | Fixtures & Results

* The fixtures may change. The Organising Committee will contact the concerned team in a case of any change in the fixtures.


Time Events Boys/Girls Results
8:45 AM to 9:00 AM 3000m Both
10:30 AM to 11:00 AM Shot Put Both
Javelin Throw Both
Discuss Throw Both


S. No. Matches Time Results
1. GNLU-A vs. KSV (Mixed Team Finals) 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM KSV defeated GNLU-A by 3-
2. GNLU-A vs. GU (Mixed Doubles Finals) GU defeated GNLU-A by 2-0.
3. GNLU-B vs. IIT-E (Bronze Medal Match for Women’s Team) GNLU-B defeated IIT-E by 2-0.
4. GNLU-A vs. NIFT (Bronze Medal Match for Women’s Team) GNLU-A won against NIFT (NIFT forfieted the match)


Time Matches Boys/Girls Results
4 PM PDPU vs. Nirma (Final) Girls
5.15 PM GNLU vs. LJ (Final) Boys


S. No. Matches Time Result
1. Ahmedabad Uni. vs. PDPU (Semi Final 2) 7.00 AM
2. GNLU vs. Charusat (Girls) 10.00 AM Charusat defeated GNLU by 10 wickets.
3. Boys Final 3.00 PM


S. No. Matches Time Boys/Girls Results
1. Semi Final 1 10AM – 12 PM Boys GNLU defeated ICFAI by 3-0.
2. Semi Final 2 10AM – 12 PM Boys GLC defeated SAL on penalties (2-1).
3. GNLU v/s PDPU 10AM – 12 PM Girls GNLU defeated PDPU by 1-0.
4. Final 7 PM Boys


Time Matches Boys/Girls Results
9 AM PDPU vs. Nirma (Team event Final) Boys Nirma defeats PDPU by 2-0.
11 AM PDPU vs. GNLU (Team event final) Girls PDPU defeats GNLU by 2-0.
3 PM GNLU vs. PDPU (individual final) Boys
5 PM GNLU vs. PDPU (individual final) Girls


S. No Time Matches Boys/Girls Results
1. 10:00 AM Charusat v/s Ahmedabad Uni. (Semi Final 2) Boys
2. 4:00 PM GNLU v/s PDPU Girls
3. 5:00 PM IIT-G v/s Nirma (Semi Final 2) Girls
4. 6:00 PM Final Boys
5. 7:00 PM Final Girls


S. No Time Matches Girls Results
1. 5:00 PM GNLU v/s NIFT Girls


S. No. Time Matches Results
1. 10:30 AM GNLU v/s IIT-G

The remaining matches will be scheduled in the morning.


S. No. Time Matches Results
1. 11:30 AM GNLU v/s PDPU
2. 1:00 PM Nirma v/s IIT-G


Time Matches Boys/Girls Results
9:30 AM Nirma v/s United World Boys
PDPU v/s Nirma Girls PDPU defeats Nirma by 3-2.
6:30 PM GNLU v/s Nirma [Final] Boys